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My New Years Resolution!

I didn’t wake up early yesterday morning and workout to ‘burn off’ all the wine and pie I ate while in Texas. I didn’t do it because I was feeling ‘guilty’. ⁣ I worked out to feel my best. I worked out for the extra energy to keep up with my busy hubby and high energy kiddos all day. I worked out because I wanted to, because I get to... not because I had to.⁣ And as you are recovering from the holidays and getting excited about the new year, I hope you set goals that make you feel good. Goals that light a fire inside you. Goals that make you a better mom for your family. 💗 ⁣Because our families deserve the very best and happiest {and healthiest} mommy possible.

🎉Let’s hear your New Year resolutions below!🥳

Mine ➡️ to find a new hobby and actually do it! 🙌🏻

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