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Must read: Holiday Hacks!

Mind-blowing, holiday hacks that will make your holidays easier than ever this year…

● The best (and easiest) way to make hot chocolate is to put a scoop of Nutella in warm milk and stir.

Don’t know what to get people for Christmas? Have them make three guesses of what you bought them. You now have three ideas for what to get them!

● Catch up on your social media fix, texts, or emails while you’re standing in the checkout line. Most stores have jewelry, cheap socks, and other impulse buys that you don’t need. Do anything you can to distract yourself from these sections.

Smiling for sixty seconds, even when you’re in a bad mood, will immediately improve your mood. Using these muscles is enough to trigger the happy chemicals in your brain.

● Scared you’ll forget about gift cards you received as gifts? On your iPhone, go to the Reminders app, then hit “Remind me at location” of wherever your gift card works.

Sending you the merriest Christmas wishes this year!
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