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Meal Prep Monday!

Meal prep Monday! I have slacked on meal prepping lately. 😩 A little time prepping goes a long way!

I did it all right before I started prepping for last nights dinner. Take advantage of times you're already in the kitchen and it's so much easier!

✔️3-ingredient banana protein muffins🍌 ✔️Bacon & Veggie Egg muffins🥓🍳 ✔️Healthy Cookie Dough Bites (not pictured)🍪 ✔️Hard boiled eggs (not pictured)🥚

I also make a bigger dinner on Monday nights for lunches a few days a week! Last night was 3lbs. of taco meat 🌮🌮

Do you want any of these recipes? Click here ---> YES, PLEASE!

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