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Let's Talk Meditation!

Each week, we’re taking an extra 5 minutes for ourselves … we can all spare 5 minutes, right? And as we go into this, remember - taking time for YOU isn’t selfish; it’s self-care.

Let’s talk about meditation … because there are so many science-based benefits to incorporating meditation into your daily routine! I think a lot of people feel like they can’t meditate because their mind wanders or they can’t imagine sitting in silence for an hour. But my mind wanders too and I definitely can’t do 60 minutes of complete silence.

Last year, Beachbody added some incredible guided meditations to BOD and if you feel like you can’t meditate or you want to switch up your current routine, I definitely recommend checking them out! Here are 3 meditations on BOD that are 5 minutes or less 🧘

1. Breathing and Meditation from Tai Cheng (4 minutes)

2. 16 Seconds to Calm from Relaxation & Meditation (3 minutes)

3. I AM Meditation Series from Barre Blend (4 minutes)

If you don't have Beachbody On Demand yet, let me know HERE & I can help you get the best deal & package for you!

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