• Sarah LaNore

I'm Not A Super Model...

Just in case you hadn’t noticed.. I’m not a body builder... I’m not a swimsuit model...⁣


hot mess mom, wife, sister, daughter, friend, motivator, coach, biz owner......and so much more with dry shampoo and yoga pants almost daily!!⁣

When you stop comparing your body to everyone else’s, something truly amazing happens.. you start to love the body you have.. loose skin, stretch marks, itty bitty titties and all!⁣

I don’t help people get swimsuit model bodies... or 6 pack abs (although some do). I teach them how to love the body they have and treat it like they love it!⁣

So ladies...stop looking at the magazines, tv commercials, movies, and billboards and start looking in the mirror and thanking that body for what it has done!⁣

You both deserve it!

If you are looking for some extra motivation, daily inspiration, & continued support from your very own coach, click HERE for more info on joining my online fit camp!

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