• Sarah LaNore

Have Your Read This Book?

Finished another amazing book! This makes # 29 for the year!

I've never read anything from this author... but I LOVED HER! Malibu Rising was set against the stunning backdrop of Malibu in the 1980s. It was so beautiful and sad and hopeful and deep and intense. Pulled me in from the first line and was impossible to put down.

I’m a sucker for books told from multiple perspectives because I love the added depth and the fuller picture. Malibu Rising tells two stories across different decades, and the moment they intersect is so fulfilling. I so badly want to hop on a plane to Malibu right now and start learning to surf just so that I can feel more connected to the Rivas, a fictional family that I didn’t know existed three days ago but that I’ll now remember forever. Such a GOOD BOOK!!

What are some of your favorite books you're reading right now?
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