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Have you ever worked out in your bikini?

So, I did a thing today… I worked out in my bikini! 😱

And, before you go judging me, I only did it b/c my fit friend challenged me to it. And I never back down from a challenge. I was quite nervous when I stepped into my mirrored home gym in nothing but my bikini, but after my workout started and my body got moving, I watched in awe… yes there were jiggles and a little bloat from last night's chocolate & wine, but I was SO PROUD OF MY MOM BOD!!!! I’ve accepted that cellulite and spider veins are genetic for me, and that I still have to work really hard on my tummy after birthing two babies via c-section. But after seeing that hard work pay off in the mirror right in front of me, I was one proud MOMMA! 💪😍

Trust me, I didn’t do this to show off for anyone but myself… because of how it forced me to focus on what my body can do and not just what it looks like—and there is nothing better than feeling strong when rocking a bikini. I think I’m gonna rock one all summer long!


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