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Flat Belly Struggles, yes I've got'em!

FLAT BELLY STRUGGLES... here is what you CAN and cannot change...

  • BELLY FAT: you can get rid of this through exercise and what you eat. The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn at rest and by increasing your activity (calorie expenditure) and lowering overall empty calorie foods, you can lose excess fat (this is nothing new!)

  • BLOAT: this is a big problem for many! It feels bad, makes our tummies bulge, adds weight to the scale and makes clothes uncomfortable! MOST bloat is caused by one of these things: eating processed foods, artificial sweeteners, being chronically dehydrated (yup, if we don’t drink enough water we retain water), food allergens/ sensitivities: dairy and/or grains do this for a lot of people!

  • EXCESS SKIN: After having a baby, weight loss... this will not go away on its own. Especially as we age our skin becomes less elastic. But you can drastically change the appearance of it by developing overall muscle, and losing excess fat.

And HAHAHA of course posing well and wearing high waisted leggings doesn't hurt either!

I have an amazing group starting this month for anyone looking for some extra accountability & the best support group there is! Click HERE for more info!

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