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Finally a diagnosis for our daughter!

Just a little update for our family & friends!

Our sweet little Emma had brain surgery on Thursday (June 17th). ❤️‍

It’s all happened so fast, but we’re very grateful to have answers and a plan and an incredibly talented & experienced neurosurgeon helping us get through this.

Long story short, Emma was diagnosed with idiopathic scoliosis a year ago, which quickly progressed with no known symptoms. After lots of research, therapy, consults and questions, we finally got an MRI to rule out any neurological issues. As of a month ago she’s been diagnosed with a chiari cerebellum malformation and syringomyelia (syrinx cyst in the spinal cord column), which are most likely causing the scoliosis.

So, next steps are brain surgery to decompress the chiari, which then allows for the syrinx to shrink bringing normal flow of the cerebrospinal fluid and relieving pressure off the brain and spinal cord.

We’re definitely feeling so overwhelmed with all the new information, but my gosh we have learned so much! God has been leading us through this entire journey and His timing is always perfect.

Thank you to everyone who’s been praying over our sweet Chiari Princess! And holding our hands (emotionally and physically) on this crazy roller coaster ride.

We are so blessed!!!

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