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Done Is Better Than Perfect!

They say DONE is better than PERFECT and I have to agree!

It's hard having a routine with all this corona virus quarantine homeschooling madness. 😝 I guess life just gets in the way sometimes doesn't it?

Believe it or not, I STRUGGLE to get my workouts in, too. I max out, I have to modify, I take breaks, I have to push pause to get someone another snack, or answer someone else’s homework question. And, sometimes I even feel like giving up.

But you know what?! I don’t! Because I finish what I start. I do the best I can do because I know my little people are watching. I give it all I have and then a little bit more. And I never strive for perfection, only PROGRESSION!

So, today’s leg day wasn’t perfect. But it was freaking good enough! I felt like I was in slow motion on most of the moves, but I finished strong with my little strong sidekick! 💪🏻 And my new fit club kicks off next week and I’m still accepting ladies who want to get fit with their kiddos at home!

No counting calories, measuring, cutting out food groups, or depriving yourself. Just 30 minute workouts and a simple meal plan to follow!

Who’s ready to be that confident Momma at the pool/lake this year? 🙋🏼‍♀️

Click below to get more info!

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