• Sarah LaNore

Daily Planner {Freebie!}

As we kick off a new month, let’s evaluate our intentions and daily goals! There is no better way to stay on track than a daily planner to help you manage all you get to do every day. Yes, there are notes, alarms and apps that can do all of this for you on your device, but if you are a paper + pencil person, this is a freebie for you!

This daily planner is a one pager that includes your must-do’s (the tasks you must get done that day), your can-do’s (the bonus tasks you’d like to get done that day), a place to gratitude journal each day and a place for any important notes you need to remember! The page also includes space for you to time block schedule your day. Start at your wake up time and pencil in everything you need to do to stay on track!

Will you be using this PDF freebie? Do you already have a digital or paper planner routine?

Download Daily Planner PDF HERE!

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