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8 Minute HIIT

Check this out for a killer 8 minute HIIT workout... No weights, just your body and lots of sweat! It’s an awesome muscle building, fat burning HIIT workout. 60, 45, 30, 15 seconds of each 4 moves and repeat 3 times!

Whew!! 🤪 Will you try “hiit”??? <— see what I did there 😉 I loved round one of this workout so much that I started another, but added in a hybrid to challenge me and my virtual gym girls! .... it’s HIIT made to transform your body composition. Less fat < muscle! This program also gives awesome modifications for those that need to do no impact exercise as well! Weights OR resistance bands, nutrition included...Best of all it’s only 30-40 minute workouts - 4X a week!

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