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All About the Abs!


Abs, Abs, Abs! I’m constantly working to get my pre-pregnancy six pack back, but it's just gonna take time...This is 2 years postpartum. Until recently I had a little bit of cellulite on my stomach as well. But thanks to my dialed in nutrition and 30 minute killer at-home workouts, it's burning off!I've had two cesarean births: one emergency and one planned. Jack is 2 years old and my oldest is 7. After my first emergency cesarean, the incision healed up nicely. This time around, I experienced some pulling of the skin due to some underlying scar tissue. When I'm in my panties or bikini bottoms, you can see where the skin begins to fold a bit at the top.I have a small "apron" of skin where my incision was made. I googled all that I could about pregnancy apron and felt a bit discouraged by what I read. Many women say that theirs never went away. In my bikini, it's hidden so I'm ok with that, but I can tell you emphatically that I will do my best to lean out in the months ahead because I enjoy the journey just as much as the outcome and I will be sure to post about whether or not the apron goes away. If you've had experience with this one way or another, I'd love to hear your story!

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