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It definitely makes me uncomfortable to talk about💰🙈... because let’s just be real... it’s #awkwardAF! BUT it’s always been my goal to be transparent and real, and I want you to see & BELIEVE that if I can start at zero and build a successful business online with no experience, so can you. I started my journey back in February 2012 and had just quit my full time career to be a mom at home with my first born. I know a lot of people thought I would quit or that it was just a fad.🤷🏽‍♀️ But, I’ve been coachable since day 1️⃣ & always worked hard. And 6 years later I’m blessed 🙏🏼 to say this is my FT job [was not my intention when I began] I just really wanted to help people feel as good as I did after having a baby. And now I’m doing that working VERY part time hours.💃🏻

I didn’t understand the earning💰 potential, but now I do and I know there is so much more to happen for me & my team in this business. Cheers to seeing what 2018 brings 🥂🍾 And I’m here to help you if you have a passion for living healthy. Nope, you do not have to be an expert, just willing to be coachable and share you’re perfectly imperfect life. ;)


If you feel the slightest flame in your belly, AND are willing to work hard, I want you to type “ME” below or send me a message to snag one of the limited spots in my business mentorship opportunity.♥️

And to keep compliance happy: BB does not guarantee any level of success. Each coach’s success is based on her own hustle + heart.

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