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My Boss-Babe Gang is Powerful, Purposeful, and a Force to be Reckoned With

You might look at this photo and just see my name up on the big screen as a 4X Elite coach, and a bunch of pretty girls all dressed up for a night of celebration & recognition. What I see is a proud leader standing tall on that stage representing hundreds of strong women & men on her team who took control of their lives and decided to work hard, dream big, and make a huge difference. My boss-babe gang is powerful, purposeful, and a force to be reckoned with and we NEED you by our side.

Work hard, play hard! That's how we do it here at Beachbody! Trainings all day, parties all night! 👗🎉

This is my 6th Coach Summit + going ALL IN with my commitment to becoming a coach and learning, growing, helping + leading has been one of the most life changing decisions I’ve ever made. I’m no where near perfect and I am always learning and growing — but THIS represents the momma who didn’t quit on herself or her goals, when things were effortless and full of passion, and when things were gut wrenching and incredibly hard. I’m so grateful this opportunity fell into my lap and I decided to do something with it. Because now I get to look back at all the sweat and tears I’ve put into it. I get to see this life that I chose, this career that I chose, and this mission that I choose blossom into a beautiful thing that changes so many lives around. And I cannot wait to see the coaches on my team whom get to make their decision this week - to go all in, to forget their fears, to help themselves + to pay forward the gift of health and opportunity.

Why are you waiting and hiding your greatness? Join our team. Hustle hard, find great success and live SO BIG with us!! I’ll tell you all about it, so just message me... 💌👯‍♀️

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