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1. Before pictures: (yes TAKE THEM!) Dressed in either a bathing suit, or sports bra and shorts. Some shy away from this as they do not want a picture like this, however it is super important to really get a good before picture from the front, back, and side so we can track your progress as you go along. You can also submit these photos for $$ prizes in the Beachbody Challenge (step 2) at; and you’ll earn a FREE t-shirt when you have completed your program! 2. Measuring: I suggest having someone help you so that posture can be held in place so your beginning measurements are accurate. But if that’s not possible, just do your best. You will want to track these each week and send them by FB message or by emailing me each week. This is a good way for me to see where improvements can be made and where you are succeeding. The following should be measured: Chest: Right Arm: (upper arm around the bicep area) Left Arm:(upper arm around the bicep area) Waist: Hips: Right Thigh: Left Thigh: total inches: WEIGHT:

*to download and print the measurement images, right click on each image, open image in a new tab, then in that new tab in your browser options click print. Do this for both images individually*

Here are some the first few goals we will be working on over the next 4 weeks: 1. Gaining Confidence 2. Focusing on Nutrition 3. Hitting your Health & Fitness Goals

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