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Clean Eating Cookie Dough Recipe

CLEAN-EATING COOKIE DOUGH??? Yep, you're welcome! ;)

Cookie Dough Energy Balls

Total Time: 15 min. Prep Time: 15 min. Cooking Time: None Yield: 13 servings, 1 ball each - Ingredients: ½ cup all-natural almond butter ¼ cup raw honey ½ cup finely chopped raw almonds 2½ scoops Vanilla Shakeology 2 Tbsp. mini semi-sweet (or dark chocolate) chocolate chips - Preparation: 1. Combine almond butter, honey, almonds, Shakeology, and chocolate chips in a medium bowl; mix well. 2. Roll into thirteen balls, about 1-inch in diameter each. - Nutritional Information (per serving): Calories: 127 Total Fat: 8 g Saturated Fat: 4 g Cholesterol: 1 mg Sodium: 84 g Carbohydrates: 12 g Fiber: 1 g Sugars: 8 g Protein: 5 g

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