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One Year Post Partum & I am so PROUD!

You know who I’m most proud of in this pic?

That girl on the left…because her decisions created the results the girl on the right now gets to enjoy!

To last year’s Sarah, thanks for showing up every day on this journey even though it was hard. 👏🏼


Once I had my second baby, I stopped focusing on the weight and started focusing on being strong and healthy for HIM. I focused on keeping my milk supply strong and my energy high. And BOOM. It clicked. 💡

✖️Working out with an infant wasn’t easy. ✖️Choosing to make a salad (one-handed) instead of just grabbing a granola bar or ordering a pizza wasn’t easy.

But those small decisions have given me the body I NEVER thought I could have after my 2nd c-section. And those decisions also made my daughter & son healthy and strong. 💪🏼

That girl on the left was 2 weeks postpartum and still recovering from a c-section, but felt AMAZING and confident because she was taking care of herself. 💁🏼

And now she feels like a freaking MILLION BUCKS! 🔹30 minutes of exercise a day 🔹a balanaced nutrition plan 🔹a superfood shake instead of a prenatal vitamin 🔹a community of other women supporting each other 👉🏼 that’s my secret sauce 👉🏻And I'm looking to share it. 👭 _________________________________

If you want the body, strength, and confidence you never thought you could have, JOIN ME! 👯 We start Monday and I know you’ll be SO PROUD of yourself for starting.

Please complete this form in the comments if interested and I’ll message with you more info! 💗

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