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20 Minute Workouts to get us thru the Holidays!

Do you find yourself in an “all or nothing” struggle with your nutrition? You decide to start eating healthy and working out again, but as soon as you skip ONE workout or eat one cheese curl you’re off your commitment again. Sound like you? (You can’t see me, but I’m raising my hand 🤣)

Our newest program “Job 1” was designed for US. The busy mom, the overworked dad, the under-nutrient 30-something failing at figuring it all out! This program brings a no-nonsense training style in a 20-minute workout! That’s right, 20 MINUTES. The creator, Jennifer Jacobs, shares that she built this program with YOU in mind: prioritize ourselves the way we prioritize our jobs. With quick, effective workouts and two nutrition plans to support you, you’ll tap into a wealth of benefits, more self-confidence, and increased strength in your body and mind!


Job1 is the first indoor cycling program to come to our platform and will be available this Winter 2021! But, you don’t need to wait until December to get your hands on your bike. The MYX Bike is available to order now, so you will be more than ready for your Job next month! Want more information? Click HERE to email me to get all the details on signing up and financing your bike today!

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